July 18, 2014

Moonwalk in Space Sneakers

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, GE, the company that helped develop the original space boot, has decided to make a new kind of shoe.  They have teamed up with Android Homme and JackThreads to release a limited edition Mission Sneaker.  The shoe has some of the same type of material that was found in the original space boot that set foot on the moon.  There will only be 100 pairs available, and they will officially be released on July 20th at 4:18 PM on JackThreads.com.  They are retailing at $196.90 (get it... 1969), but I'm sure the price will skyrocket (no pun intended) soon after the release, due to the exclusivity of the sneaker. 

Check out Buzz swaggin out in them below as well as a closer look at them.