July 09, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Black Dave

Black Dave is New York, so New York that NYC is in his twitter name.  His music videos are mostly filmed in his home city and he is usually dipped out in Supreme gear, nike SB, and retro sportswear.  Black Dave is hip-hop, new age hip-hop for both the old and the new generation.  He pushes the boundaries of rap, without losing that old-school hip-hop sound.

A few mix-tapes in and Dave has already proved that he is a factor in this new era of rap.  I had the pleasure of meeting Black Dave at Agenda 2013 in NYC, and we chopped it up for a little bit.  He was a very laid back and down to earth dude; we didn't even discuss his music but more about how his friend, D Stunna, injured himself doing a crazy stunt.  One thing that is apparent about Black Dave is his passion for the hip-hop culture, he lives and breathes it.  He's a humble dude that enjoys rapping and skating around the city. Also, it's nice to see a rapper from New York who collabs with other artists from New York.

I have yet to delve completely into Black Dave's catalogue of music, but the titles/covers of his mix-tapes make me want to give them a listen.  Check them out below if the above singles have you wanting more.

Black Dave- Black Donald Trump

Black Dave- Black Santa: A Real Black Christmas

Black Dave- Stay Black

Black Dave- Stay Black 2