July 13, 2014

Analog Watch Fitness Tracker

First, there was the Nike FuelBand, then the FitBit, and now there's a slew of smartwatches coming out that claim to help you live healthier by tracking your activity. The technology is impressive, as they let you review your steps for the week and often impress you with how high the numbers reached (except maybe if you have a 9-5 office job). The design of these bracelets are supposed to be futuristic, sleek, and minimal, but in all honesty, the black bands around the wrist resemble the anklet the state makes you wear when you're on house arrest.

Luckily, French electronics company Withings took the design back to the classic analog watch to present the Withings Activité, which even comes with authentic leather straps. A Bluetooth chip and a built-in accelerometer track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep patterns. It even connects to you phone through the Withings’ Health Mate iOS app.

The small secondary dial has a hand that ticks from 0 to 100 (REAL QUICK, courtesy of Drake) to show progress for the day. The watch face is made of "unbreakable" (wonder if a hammer would break it) sapphire glass with touchscreen that can be tapped to switch modes. The clean design blends in not only with the suit obessed office world of the past, but also today's casual wear-what-you-want-as-long-as-you-get-the-job-done work environment. Would you use it?