July 15, 2014

Foldable Pop Up Emergency Homes


Can this be the end of those wretched cardboard shelters often stereotyped to the homeless? Alastair Pryor, a 24 year old social entrepreneur, has invented what he calls the Compact Sheltera wind- and rain-resistant portable home that can be folded up in a matter of seconds, and can fit up to four people. 

The shelter is made from a UV stabilized polypropylene that is able to be folded flat and only weighs 35 pounds. The cube-shaped pop up has height, width, and depth dimensions of 6.5 feet all around. Not only can they exist as single units, but multiples can be formed together similar to Lego pieces. Each unit costs only $150 and is ideal for a temporary family dwelling after an emergency. 

In addition to having a direct benefit post-disaster and for the homeless, the plastic used for the material is recycled, making this a sustainable product that can cheaply and massively be supplied to areas in dire need.