May 09, 2014

Dr. Dre in the Billionaire Boys Club For Real

Dr. Dre isn't shy about becoming the first billionaire in the rap game. With a deal to acquire Beats from Apple in the works at a rumored $3.2 billion, it would be the largest acquisition in Apple's history. This surely shows Apple's commitment to premium consumer products. The brand that André Romelle Young started with Jimmy Lovine back in 2006 did what people laughed at and has been dominating the $100 and up headphone sales in the U.S.

No one really knows exactly what percentage Dr. Dre owns since it's not public information. However, estimates show that in a $3.2 billion deal, Dr. Dre would have to own 15% of the stake in Beats Electronics to go along with his current net worth of $600 million. This is very possible since after buying back a 25% stake from HTC in 2012, Beats Electronics is the majority owner. Other owners of Beats Electronics include the Carlyle group and Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.