May 08, 2014

Homeless Man Crowdfunds A Home

Some of you might be mad... This homeless man just made more than you will this year from crowd-funded charity! The inspirational tale is captured and created by The Magic of Rahat who initially tricked Eric, a homeless man into believing that he had won $1000 at the lottery. Eric's reaction was priceless as he repeatedly offered to share the winnings with Rahat. 

Rahat then took to the internet to raise $20,000 for Eric to get him out of the streets. The crowd-funding campaign ended up raising $44,000 and Rahat sets Eric up with his new home and films the reaction!

The footage is truly touching and we should all be reminded how we can all give a little to make a big difference as well as apply our creativity, generosity and entrepreneurship like Rahat, to make a name for ourselves while helping others!