May 15, 2014

Pizza Hut on Hulu

Shout to all the smokers reading this right now. We just wanted to give you a heads up about a new partnership that will make your smoking session even more convenient.

You know when you catching up on all the latest episodes of your favorite shows while blazing up and you get those munchies that can only be fulfilled by those tender petit slices of cheese pizza from Pizza Hut? Yeah, well your cravings have been considered and incorporated into Hulu and Pizza Hut's business strategies. 

Hulu is introducing a new type of ad that lets viewers order Pizza Hut during commercials without leaving the current screen your watching.

The new type of ad is called an "in-stream purchase unit” and will be rolled out later in the year. The ad could help brands gain sales without advertising in the traditional way. Sales for them and pizza for when we need it most. Gotta love technology.