April 17, 2014

Heartbleed Bluff

As many of you know, the Heartbleed Bug has struck... The cutesy name is really code for "you were never safe online", even when you were browsing https. Some people have taken frantically updated their passwords but others have not taken the bug so seriously.

A reader on Huffington Post decided to take it a step further by daring others to hack him, brazenly showing no regard for his own privacy. “I couldn’t give a flying fig about the Heartbleed thingamajig,” He then openly wondered if it was made by Russian crackers, Seattle high schoolers, the NSA, or “Yahoo’s marketing department” 

He then dared:

“Sneak into my WaPo, NYT or CNN accounts and go crazy making comments in my name,” the unidentified man said. “Break into my Facebook or Twitter profiles and change my hometown to Gas City Indiana, swap-out my avatar with a picture of your nads, make friends with people I don’t know.”

A few hours later he regretted his decision.