April 09, 2014

A Night with Ziggy Marley at Sonos Studios

This past Thursday, April 3rd, Tommie Lark of Superego had the opportunity to attend Sonos Studios for an evening with 6-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley. 

Ziggy Marley shared stories and songs from his past as well as his forthcoming album "Fly Rasta." He went into depth talking about the meaning behind the album and "bringing it back to the Rasta!" This was an amazing experience absorbing the wisdom which we were enlightened with as well as listening to the late Bob Marley's descendant. 

The event was hosted by Sonos Studios who have been promoting the origins of sound system culture, which traces back to Jamaica in the 1960's. Alongside the exhibition we attended, they have also created a short film to document how the Dub movement was engineered and changed the listening experience forever, influencing the music we know today.