April 07, 2014

Product Review: Shwood x Pendleton Collaboration

Shwood, a premium sunglasses manufacturer based in Oregon, teamed up with formidable local business, Pendleton to deliver an exclusive 1000-piece collaboration in 2013.

Both companies focus on quality, Shwood bringing its handcrafted sustainable and natural wood frames to the table and Pendleton following up with a finely-detailed laser engraved Chief Joseph pattern on both walnut and rich cherry wood styles.

The cherry wood "Journey West".

The walnut "Basket Maker". 

These sunglasses are durable and well-crafted with imported lenses from Italy. They are each individually stored in jacquard storage pouches made of wool. All these pieces were created in the USA in their Northwest Mill and we have preserved 6 original pieces that you can still purchase today to bring out for Spring/Summer 2014.