March 27, 2014

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

A 31-song double album of 128 minutes of pure Wu-Tang sound is preserved in a Moroccan Vault with hand-carved nickel and silver box made by artist Yahya. The Wu-Tang clan has recorded an album in secret and is only releasing a single copy of it. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be promoted like a famous work of art, making stops at museums and galleries as well as shows and festivals.  

RZA compares the rare album to be comparable to "the scepter of an Egyptian king." Once the album finishes its tour, it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder which they envision to be a multi-million dollar purchase and then the owner will be free to do what they want with it, whether keeping it to themselves or sharing it with the world.

Although some might find this contrived, others will appreciate how much brand equity it really takes for the Wu-Tang to even pull this off. In music, there are those that simply try and sell records and there's those that do it for the art, longevity and legacy. As for this legendary record sale, we'll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

"It might totally flop, and we might be completely ridiculed," says co-producer Tarik "Cilvaringz" Azzougarh. "But the essence and core of our ideas is to inspire creation and originality and debate, and save the music album from dying."