March 21, 2014

Top 5 Streetwear Brand Stories

Superego's name is a play on the famous psychology concept. Throughout the history, the winners in streetwear have always made a mark with their products by selecting timeless brand names, words that stick in your mind and eventually become a part of language and culture. A lifestyle.

'A Bathing Ape' was inspired by the classic Planet of the Apes movies. NIGO the founder also points to the fact that the brand name was originally meant to be sarcastic, coming from the Japanese expression "A bathing ape in lukewarm water" used for youth who are spoiled, pampered and complacent. Looks like our generation has an equal appreciation for irony.

Visvim is a brand name designed to have no meaning. The founder, Hiroki Nakamura loves the letter V and used two latin roots 'vis' and 'vim' mashed together. 'Vis' means energy coming together.

Kith is the Old English word for 'To make known' from the expression Kith & Kin.

Reigning Champ was a leading fleece manufacturer before it decided to become the go to brand for fleece in streetwear under the Reigning Champ moniker.

Obey is the brainchild of renowned graphic artist Shephard Fairey. He wanted to jar people into noticing propaganda and make us question the visuals and images put in front of them.