February 25, 2014


Schoolboy Q just dropped his highly anticipated debut album “Oxymoron”. This is an album I've personally been looking forward to. I have been following Schoolboy Q’s music career for a few years now and for the past year TDE has seemingly been running the rap game. Does Q’s album live up to the hype? Read below for my highly professional, indisputable, totally valid, expert musical opinion on Oxymoron.

1. “Gangsta”:  What better way to start an album than to chant gangsta over and over again, over hard bass and a piano loop.  This song foreshadows what the whole album is; simply gangsta.  Schoolboy Q is a crip from Compton and his street credibility has yet to be disputed; he has no problem rapping about his gangster ways on every. single. song.  As for this song, its decent, definitely one to play in your whip or to start your day off with a bang. Not my favorite song on the album but surprisingly catchy. - 7/10

2. “Los Awesome”:
One of my least favorite songs on the album.  It sounds like an attempt to recreate the Pharrell/Clipse sound of the early 2000’s, but it fails. - 4/10

3. “Collard Greens”:
This is a lot of peoples favorite, and was one of the first singles from the album to be released. I’m not really a fan but I can’t lie it grew on me, and a Kendrick verse doesn't hurt. - 7/10 


4. “What they Want”:
This is where the album picks up to me.  This is one of my favorites on the album, the beat is addicting. Schoolboy Q’s flow is flawless on this one.  Crank this in the whip and all 3 of your mirrors will be shaking.  Surprisingly, the 2 Chainz feature verse on this one is almost tolerable.  “Expensive whips we hotbox, spent two bills on my socks”  - Schoolboy Q the rich stoner. - 8/10

5. “Hoover Street”:
Smooth jazzy production with tales of drug sales and gun lines. Solid track. A nice break in the album from the ear rattling bass.  “Meet me by the acura, cuz the cops like to get help from the store camera” Schoolboy Q the drug dealer. - 7.5/10

6. “Studio”:
Another one of my favorites. I’m a fan of BJ the Chicago Kid and his voice fits the track perfectly.  The beat is soulful but far from soft.  This is one of only two R&B’ish type of tracks on the album.  Reinforcing Q’s gangsta persona. But hey gangstas need love too. - 8.5/10

7. “Prescription”:
Deep insightful track and production is on point.  Q gets personal about his drug addiction and struggles with his family life due to prescription drugs. “My mommy called I hit ignore, my daughter calls I press ignore. My chin press on my chest, my knees press the floor” Schoolboy Q the addict. - 9/10

8. “The Purge”:
Horrible.. - 3/10

9. “Blind Threats”:
Stand out track.  Classic hip hop feel, instruments that feel very organic, and strings that feel and sound perfect. Schoolboy Q gets spiritual on this one, addressing his questions about God and religion. “If God don’t help me this gun will, I swear Im gonna find my way” Schoolboy Q the lost soul.  A solid verse from Raekwon makes this track one for the books. - 10/10.

10. “Hell of a Night”:
A haunting vocal sample with upbeat drums seems like an odd combination but it works perfect.  I can see this having a lot of replay value in parties and clubs.  “Feeling good all this money on my bank card, 10 grand in my pocket nigga, oh lord”  Schoolboy Q the baller.  Schoolboy Q has never been known as an impeccable lyricist but he has one of the best flows and knows how to ride a beat. I’m definitely a fan of this one.  - 9/10

11. “Break the Bank”:
Another single from the album. More drug talk and gangsta talk over, yup, you guessed it, a piano loop and a hard drum pattern.  It works well though.  I’m a fan of the hook and verses on this one.  Q tells stories of his dark past and his bright future of how now he’s about to “Break the Bank”.  He sounds like Eminem on the hook (random thought).  “Good weed and me time, goodbye to nissan cuz one day this rappin gon’ pay” Schoolboy Q the rapper. - 9.5/10


12. “Man of the Year”:
Favorite song on the album. Undeniable banger, everything you want from a hip-hop song. Nothing else needs to be said - 10/10.


13. “His and Her Fiend”:
This is the second R&B’ish type of song on Oxymoron.  The deep chopped and screwed chorus is bizarre, I don’t think Q is capable of making a soft song. The SZA vocals on it are very soothing though.  I feel like if I were a lean sipper, I would love this song.  Nonetheless with my sober ears its still pretty good. - 8/10

14. “Grooveline Pt. 2”:
 Ehhhh. - 6/10

15. “Fuck LA”:
Could have been left off the album. Not a fan of this song, and that's all I have to say about that *Forrest Gump voice*. - 4/10
    Overall, I thought it was a good album. Did it live up to the hype? No. Is it a good first offering from Schoolboy Q? Yes. Can he do better? I think so. But if you're tired of the typical songs on the radio and need to listen to some raw, gangsta, adlib-filled, drug infested, gun riddled hip-hop, this is the album for you. - 7.4/10