February 20, 2014

Where are you happy?

I bet we’ve all danced on Pharrell's new single : Happy ! He originally wrote this for the movie you took all your babies and baby mamas to, Despicable Me 2. While you sat with your mean mug in the movie theatre pretending not to love it, the theme song is now a serious worldwide success.

You’ve probably already seen some covers on the internet ranging from the crappy webcams to HD ones.  Well, there’s a new trend appearing in different cities, based on the same question: Where are you happy ? The project is simple and consists of life-loving citizens dancing and lip synching the tune. It is also a way for viewers to discover new places, almost like a Google maps through song.

While people are answering the happy question, it makes us ask the question: What can’t Pharrell do?

 Here is one of the covers made in my city (Lyon, France).

Submitted by Laura Chapalain from Lyon, France