May 17, 2016

Portrait of a Blind Man Allowing Him to 'See' Through Touch


 Art is an used as a way to form connections and bring people together to share a great experience. However, its visual nature doesn't allow the blind members of our society to enjoy some of these art forms, while some actually do enjoy the tactile art, which you can feel and touch. Artist Andrew Myers of Laguna Beach, California specializes in screw art. Screw art is a technique that includes making elaborate images by putting screws into wood and painting them. While displaying art at an event, he shared a unique experience with a blind man that reached his arms to touch his screw painting and lit up with excitement. This experience inspires Myers to create more tactile art for the blind. He then ran into another blind artisan and teacher, George Wurtzel, and made a portrait of him. 

 It is a really great form of art that allows anyone to share an experience. Check out the 5 minute video below that captures the moment of Myers surprising Wurtzel with this art. It's really inspiring.