May 04, 2016

Designer Grows Eco-Friendly Dress From Mushroom Root



 Aniela Hoitink is a Dutch designer who thinks way outside the box.  She states that "I want to inspire people to think differently about fashion".  With her latest creation she is doing just that.  While many designers prefer to cut and sew garments, she decided to grow hers.  She has created a biodegradable dress that is made completely from discs of mushroom root.  That may seem kind of gross to some of you, but it actually turned out good.  The dress is almost like a more eco-friendly version of Lady Gaga's meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music awards.  

Aniela calls this unique fabric MycoTEX and it can be made in petri dishes in about a week and a half. It also doesn't require any hemming and can be cut to suit the wearer's measurements. Check out some of the pictures below!  Ladies, would you wear this?


Photos: MycoTEX/Aniela Hoitink