August 31, 2016

10 Most Bizarre Inventions!



 There are good inventions, bad inventions, and then there are the inventions that are just flat out bizarre.  We've all seen one of those products that leaves us saying "What the?!"  Below is a list of some of the bizarre inventions to ever see the light of day.


1. Shoe Umbrellas: For when your shoes are too fly to get wet.

2. Picnic Pants: Because who wants to carry around a picnic basket.

3. Scooter/Stroller: Who knew pushing a baby around could be so much fun!
4. Baby Hand Pillow: Only slightly creepy.
5. Fake Mold Sandwich Bag: Your co-workers will never touch your food again.
6. Utensil Pen Caps: Perfect for when eating at your desk
7. Hair Visor: The toupee of the future
8. Butter Grater: Because everybody loves shredded butter
9. Umbrella Tie: From the creators of the shoe umbrella.
10. Hand Tongs: Take your bacon-flipping game to the next level.