October 13, 2016

10 Costumes You're Sure to See this Halloween


 It's almost that time of year.  The time of year where people buy their candy in bulk, put up their scariest decorations, and get their costumes ready.  Halloween is around the corner, and people are doing their costume shopping.  2016 has been a big year and there is a lot of potential when it comes to costume ideas.  You're sure to see some of the below costumes, as many people turn to media for great pop culture references this Halloween.


1. Donald Trump: This one goes without saying.  Donald Trump has been the forefront of media, jokes, and conversation.  I'm sure you'll see a ton of Trump masks and costumes.


2. Ken Bone: The legendary K-Bone gained popularity in the presidential debate with his stylish sweater and cartoonish features. Ken Bone would make for a great 2016 costume.


3. Hillary Clinton: Staying with the election theme here.  Hillary has also been all over the media.  And while not as 'out there' as Trump, I'm sure people will get creative with their Clinton costumes.


4. Clowns: Clowns have been popping up everywhere and people are scared.  Why should they stop for Halloween?


5. Characters from Suicide Squad: The hugest grossing movie of the summer was Suicide Squad, so you'll definitely see some of these characters walking around. 


6. Harambe: This gorilla made headlines everywhere after being shot while holding a kid.  Harambe has dominated media, so whether it's a full blown costume or a Harambe mask, you're sure to see the spirit of Harambe live on this Halloween.


7. Pokemon Themed Costumes: Pokemon Go was booming this year.  Grown people and kids alike hopped on the Pokemon train.  That train will definitely be passing through on Halloween.


8. Ghost Busters: Another summer hit with a lot of costume potential.  Don't even be surprised if you see this as a group costume!


9. Joanne the Scammer: If you aren't familiar with this character, just log into twitter and scroll down.  I'm sure you'll come across Joanne's face eventually; and I'm sure she'll be roaming the streets on Halloween.


10. Beyonce in Lemonade:  Beyonce's Lemonade special on HBO had everybody buzzing.  This will be a big costume for all the hardcore Beyonce fans, which is pretty much 50% of America.