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CORPORATE DROPOUT Hemp Long-Sleeve Scoop - Superego

CORPORATE DROPOUT Hemp Long-Sleeve Scoop

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Kanye West's classic album "College Dropout" defined a new era. It was a bold statement; in a society that enforces going to college, it showed many that you can be a dropout and still make it. Using the ever-hardworking beaver as opposed to the Kanye bear, we hope to instill this same message with our new design. Not that you should get up and quit your job, but that you shouldn't let anyone tell you what type of work you should be doing. Become your own boss, outwork the others, pursue your passion, become a Corporate Dropout.

Did you know that hemp was one of the first large-scale crops grown in the United States? The Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written on hemp paper!

Superego quality hemp shirts are made of 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton, providing ultimate comfort. These shirts are the softest you’ll ever wear! We are dedicated to offering a sustainable alternative to a wasteful fashion industry. Hemp is naturally pest-resistant, fast-growing, and requires little water. It doesn’t require any harsh chemicals.

Hemp clothing is cleaner in production and lasts longer. Hemp performs great in cooler climates because it’s insulating, but it is also breathable so it’s equally suited for warmer weather and moderate activity. Our shirts are literally cut from a different cloth!

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