Wholesale FAQ

Ordering From Us
  • How do I get a catalog?
  • Can I access your wholesale prices?
  • How can I set up a wholesale account?
  • How do I place an order?
  • Are there minimums?
  • What are your case quantities?
  • Can I order custom colors and sizes?
  • What payment methods are available?
  • Where is my delivery? Can I track my packages?
Our Products
  • Can I locate a Superego product with RN 103255 printed on the label?
  • What fabrics and materials do you use?
  • How can I get more information about your products?
  • Can you provide washing instructions?

Our Company

  • What is 'sweatshop free'?
  • Where are Superego products made?
  • How do I become an authorized resellers of Superego products?
  • Do I need permission to sell my designs printed on your shirts?
  • Do you offer screen printing services?
  • Can I use your photography and media?

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