Sustainable Principles

Sustainability is not a marketing angle. It's a lifestyle.

At Superego, we believe that sustainability is not just something you can check off in a box, its a constant and dynamic process of thought in action that should be engrained in the very fabric of organizations. We promote the awareness of best practices and showcase brands that are making conscious efforts to make a difference.

Superego curates it's entire product portfolio for brands and products with sustainable principles. Our product portfolio includes brands with award winning traceability and industry leading fabrics and materials.

Superego sources and manufactures a unique hemp fabric blend in California and works with select streetwear brands to develop limited and exclusive products. Our fabric is softer, more durable, flexible, breathable, water-resistant and odor-resistant than cotton. Each hemp shirt saves 300 gallons of water on average compared to a cotton shirt to make and is pesticide free in its cultivation.