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About Us

Superego, LLC is a lifestyle brand that promotes sustainability through quality hemp clothing and engaging multimedia. 


Tommie Lark, Chief Executive Office 
I am alive, well and humble.
Alive because I am manifesting my destiny. Well because my body is my temple. Humble because I am not the world, but I am a part of everything. 
I grow with failure and remain humble with success. 
I may be shaped by society, but never molded. 
I am greatness, empowering my mind, body and soul. 
I am understanding therefore I have strength; the strength to change the world in a positive way.
I am a being of light, combating ignorance with enlightenment
I am man of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc; I live the 12 inch rule
I am cut from a different cloth
I am peace, love and prosperity 
I am me.
Matthew Narkaus, Chief Brand Officer 
I stand for God. My life is ruled by God and I have complete faith in him and his vision for my life. I'm made in his image, so I create. I love everyone and aim to do what's best for me and others.
I am aware. I'm aware that life isn't all about me. While I'm on this earth I will be aware of others situations and how I can help improve them. I am aware that I can’t help everyone.
I am honest. I will say what I mean and mean what I say. I will make mistakes, but I will be honest and own up to them.
I am Happy. I’m happy doing what I love. I'm happy when those around me are happy, but I will let no one come between me and my happiness.
I value my time with family and friends.  I appreciate those who genuinely care about me, and pray for those who don’t. I inspire through my creative work and daily walk.