May 02, 2017

Yujia Hu Makes Sneakers out of Sushi


 If you're a sneaker-head or have ever met one, you know how passionate they are about kicks.  Not only are their collections full, but they may go as far as to purchase sneaker keychains and other novelty items to display their passion for sneakers.  Yujia Hu recognizes this passion and pays homage to sneaker-heads in a bizarre way.  Lately he has been creating versions of popular sneakers made out of sushi!  Sneaker brands from Nike to Adidas have gotten the sushi makeover by Yujia. These sushi creations may not look that appetizing, but they are aesthetically accurate. Check out some of the creations below made from rice, seaweed, and fish.  Also check out Yujia Hu's instagram account to see more artistic creations from him.  



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