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Youtube Influencers Partner to Plant 20 Million Trees

04 Nov, 2019

Youtube Influencers Partner to Plant 20 Million Trees

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  If you haven't heard about the #TeamTrees campaign yet, you should tune in.  It all started when Youtuber "MrBeast" reached 20 million subscribers on his youtube channel.  His channel is mostly made of content based around outrageous stunts and challenges, so when he hit 20 million subscribers his followers began to spam him telling him to plant 20 million trees for his next video.  Well, he tried and realized him and his small team couldn't do it by themselves.  So now, with the help of other YouTubers who have joined in, he has been raising money to make the goal of 20 million trees planted an actuality. They want to reach this goal by January 2020 and according to their website, each dollar donated plants one tree. 

 It's a pleasant surprise to see youtube influencers come together for something positive for the environment.  In the social media age where we are flooded with some new challenge or some new trend every other minute, its a breath of fresh air to see something productive going on.  And hopefully, many people will enjoy breaths of fresh air after these 20 million trees are planted.  Check out the video below that started off the #TeamTrees campaign.





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