August 29, 2016

Wires Handcrafted Sunglasses


 Wires Eyewear is a new line of Sunglasses made between London, UK, and Harare, Zimbabwe.  The design of Wires is very true to its name.  It is constructed using a single piece of metal wire which is coiled around 3d printed lens holders.  The simple design makes the sunglasses light and sleek.  Wires is inspired by African wire artistry which is a practice that turns strings of metal into different objects.  Wires frames are handcrafted by a small team of expert craftsmen in Harare, Zimbabwe and the frames are made out of locally sourced copper.  The folks at Wires have a sustainable mission as they are crafting minimalistic glasses using a small amount of materials, and also creating jobs in Harare for craftsmen.  Check out some of the awesome glasses below and visit their site for a pair!