November 03, 2016

Will the New App 'Hype' Replace 'Vine'?



 About a week ago it was announced that Vine will be shutting down, and while it hasn't officially been taken off the app store yet, everybody has been saying their condolences.  Vine stars across social media have been mourning the loss of the app that gave them stardom.  The creators of Vine however are moving on to new ventures.  They have developed yet another app called 'Hype'.  'Hype' is a live-streaming app that seems to look like periscope on drugs.  Its range of features almost seem hard to keep up with in the fast paced promo video; but then again we live in a fast-paced, low attention span society.  Time will tell if this new exciting app will replace the 6-second video app that captivated the world.