January 02, 2018

Why You Should Watch 'Black Mirror'



 In this Netflix-era that we live in, where shows can easily be streamed at the press of a button, the opportunities are almost endless.  What seems to be more endless than the flow of constant Netflix shows, however, are the Netflix suggestions. "You NEED to watch this show" is a statement that is heard all too often amongst friends, social media, and critics.  One show that is buzzing a lot as of lately is 'Black Mirror', a show that has been increasing in popularity as time has gone on.  Black Mirror has gained a lot more fans since we posted about it back in 2016Not to say we told you so, but Black Mirror was ahead of its time and it still is.

The Sci-fi technological thriller feels a little bit too familiar as it explores situations that could potentially happen in the future (if we are following the current trajectory of the worlds technological advancements). Season 4 was just released on Netflix a few days ago and it is a must watch.  Without giving away too many details, the themes of mental simulation and being able to be in someones head reoccur frequently in this new season.  Watch the trailer below, and make sure to tune into Netflix, as this new season is a must watch!