May 23, 2018

Why We Should Coat City Streets White

 la paint streets white


 Climate change has become a real issue; 2017 was the third hottest year on record and according to recent trends it's not going to get cooler any time soon.  One important thing to note is that in urban areas the temperatures are usually hotter.  This is due to roof tops and pavement heating.  These rooftops and streets are usually made of dark materials such as tar, asphalt, blacktop, etc. Streets in particular absorb much more wavelengths and trap heat.  These dark surfaces can heat up to 150 degrees F.  This raises the question, should we coat our city streets white?  In theory, its a good idea as the white reflects more wavelengths and would not absorb as much heat.  In fact, some areas of LA have already tried it and seen a small difference in temperature.  The major issue would be that white could get dirty fast, especially in heavy traffic areas (unless a special white coating was used).  Regardless, I think it would be a good idea! Check out the video below to hear Tech Insider's view on it.