March 20, 2019

Why the #TrashTag Challenge is a Viral Movement the Earth Needs

 trashtag challenge


 In the social media age we live in, things can go "viral" literally overnight.  We've seen celebrities turn memes, dances go global, and internet sensations turn celebrity. One thing that has been pretty successful in going viral has been "challenges".  Social media challenges are simply a call to action to do some sort of action and post about it.  Some of the most popular ones have been the #ShiggyChallenge aka #InMyFeelingsChallenge which had social media users dancing to the popular Drake single, recording it, and posting it.  Other not so fun challenges such as the #CinnamonChallenge had participants suffering and choking on a mouth full of cinnamon.  The latest challenge that seems to be taking off is the #TrashTag or #TrashChallenge.  This challenge has participants showing a before and after picture of an area that they cleaned up trash at. If any challenge should go viral, its this one.  Imagine millions of people participating in this and helping to clean up the Earth.  More environmentally friendly challenges could prove to be very beneficial to the wellbeing of our planet.  Imagine a no-plastic challenge or a save water challenge.  The list could be endless.  Social media is a powerful tool and resource, why not start using it to help out our environment?  We hope more of these challenges start to take off. In the meantime check out some pics of people participating in the #TrashTag Challenge below!



trash challenge

trash challenge