August 27, 2016

Why the Streetwear Industry Needs Hemp



 Streetwear fashion is a constantly evolving industry but is very distinguishable as an urban based fashion industry. The streetwear industry is valued at over $75 million!  With so many new brands popping up like popcorn, it is almost hard to keep track.  In addition, "copy cat" brands that emulate the styles of the bigger brands are also flooding the market.  The problem is that most of these people that are creating brands left and right have given no thought to what effect they are having on the environment.  Most of these brands are using cotton t-shirts.  The problem with cotton is that it requires A LOT of water to cultivate (approximately 20,000 liters for one shirt or pair of jeans).  In addition, most cotton farming uses a lot of pesticides which not only has negative effects on eco-systems, but also has health impacts on farmers.  

Hemp is a great alternative to the standard cotton shirt as it requires about half the amount of water to cultivate.  In addition it doesn't need pesticides or chemicals to grow, and it can flourish pretty much anywhere.  If we can start getting streetwear brands to switch to hemp, that could be potentially millions of gallons of water being saved!  Here at Superego we are trying to lead this hemp movement through our clothing and raise the demand for the hemp fabric.  Join our mission, and lets change the world!