August 02, 2018

Why Plastic Straws Suck

 plastic straws


 We recently posted about how Starbucks is aiming to completely get rid of plastic straws at its locations.  There have also been start-ups that have created reusable straws to combat the plastic straw problem.  This may have you wondering why all the fuss about plastic straws and "Why do plastic straws suck?"  Well, there are many reasons.  One is that they are very small and sometimes can't be captured by modern recycling machines.  Another is that a lot of them end up in the ocean, which can be very harmful to small aquatic animals. Straws are a single-use plastic and are used widely across the globe, and although they make up a small amount of all plastic waste, big companies need to start strategizing on more environmentally friendly solutions.  Check out the video below from Tech Insider to learn more about Why Plastic Straws Suck.