July 19, 2017

Why Are These NYC Subway Cars being Dumped in the Middle of the Ocean?


 The NYC Subway transit system has been getting a lot of backlash recently.  Many people have complained of extreme crowding, broke-down and unreliable trains, as well as pricing. As old subway cars are deemed unusable, one may ask; what happens to them? How are these trains disposed of?  Well photographer Stephen Mallon captured some stunning images of the subway cars being dumped off of huge barges directly into the middle of the ocean.  It's not everyday that you see industrial waste so blatantly being disposed of in the sea; there is more than meets the eye however.  There is an underlying purpose for dumping these subway cars that inevitably reach the bottom of the sea floor. 



The subway cars that are dumped will eventually turn into an ecosystem. Over time all the surfaces of the subway cars will be covered in aquatic life. The artificial living system will be a habitation for coral reef and other marine life. Here's what the subway cars will look like in 5 years and 10 years respectively. 

A seemingly harmful action has a much bigger purpose! 

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