October 26, 2016

What Makes You Feel Alive?


 What make you feel alive more than anything? Is it a sudden rush of adrenaline bungee jumping? Or maybe, dancing in the rain? Perhaps, loving and feeling loved? What about becoming a successful person?

Most people are not thrill seekers; most people enjoy a rather simple existence, filled with small pleasures like spending time with a friend, discovering new things, pushing personal boundaries, taking on challenges, pursuing dreams and aspirations, finding love, inventing and building useful things, serve others and make a difference.

Get excited about your life. Get excited about achieving those big or small pleasures that make you life alive. What would be the point in living if you are not aware of it?

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman=

Sooner or later we all face this question: “Where did my life go so far?” We ask ourselves that questions periodically and the answer we give tells us how alive we feel. If you don’t like your answer, get inspired, build memories and allow yourself to be impressed by how amazing you can be.

If you like your answer, strive to do more of the things make you life alive, strive to improve yourself, design and pursuit what makes you happy, what gives a deeper meaning to your life.

Listen, there is only one single person in this world that can tell who you really are, what makes you feel happy and free, how success looks like to you, what is for you the sound of joy and achievement, and that person is YOU! You are the one defining what success means to you, how it feels to have a meaningful relationship, which is the best version of your destiny.

Success is a journey with ups and downs, trials, victories and errors, achievement and fulfillment. Your success is in your hands.

Take a step closer to it, bit by bit every day and become the successful person you want to be; and next time when you’re asking yourself: “Where did my life go so far?” answer with pride and satisfaction. Be proud of yourself for the obstacles and limitations you crossed over, the discoveries you made in your journey, the lives you have touched in a positive way. Be satisfied with going beyond what you believed possible, about what you set to do and done it, about how amazing your life turned to be.

Take a step closer and never look back in regret. Be confident that you can face whatever life throws at you.

The “23 Keys to Success” infographic below, unveils for you how to become successful in a meaningful way, how to stay close to those you love, make a difference, feel alive, feel useful, feel good about yourself and accomplish your dreams.


Source: Self Improvement