June 09, 2017

Warriors (DNA) Vs Cavaliers (K Shine) NBA Finals Rap Battle



 If you aren't familiar with or haven't been tuned into the battle rap community, you may have missed out on a lot.  The rap battle game has progressed and has been innovated.  Two of these battlers that have been at the forefront of this innovative movement has been NWX members K-Shine and DNA.  They've done some pretty unique antics in the ring and have also taken their talents to tv and more.  Most recently, they took a trip to ESPN office to put their battle skills to the test.  In the midst of the NBA Finals, DNA pleads his case for the Warriors as K Shine reps the Cavs in battle rap form.  It is not clear what exactly this was for, but one thing is for sure, it is certainly entertaining. Watch below as ESPN staff enjoy this intimate rap battle.


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