June 09, 2017

Urban Leaf: The World's Smallest Garden


  Now-a-days, starting your own tiny garden has become very convenient and fun to do.  Many companies have built devices that allow people to farm right from the comfort of their home or apartment.  Urban Leaf is now making that process even simpler while adding a recycling twist to it.  They have created a small gardening device that can transform a recycled glass bottle into a garden.  Urban Leaf describes the process as such: The World's Smallest Garden contains a special smart soil that uses a capillary action to lift water up to the seed. As the seedling sprouts it sends roots down into the bottle. Not only does this look really cool, but it also allows the plant to water itself.

So far, with Urban Leaf you can grow basil, kale, bok choi, lettuce, dill, mint, and much more.  Urban Leaf is making gardening fun and extremely easy.  In addition, the recycling element makes the process that much better! Check out the video below to learn more and make sure to check out their kickstarter campaign.