June 18, 2019

Undrafted: The Fred VanVleet Story



 If you aren't familiar with the name Fred VanVleet, its time you get familiar. The young NBA point guard plays for the Toronto Raptors who just clenched the 2019 NBA Championship Title.  If you watched the NBA finals series, there was no missing Fred VanVleet.  Not only did he make some big clutch 3-pointers, but he also played an integral part in defensively containing Steph Curry the whole series. There's no doubt that Fred VanVleet played an important part in helping the Toronto Raptors get the Chip.  To some who may not really be tuned into the NBA super closely, it may have seemed that VanVleet came out of nowhere, but he has had an interesting journey getting to where he's at.  Watch the video below to learn a bit more about Fred VanVleet's journey to the NBA as an undrafted player.  He is a living example of his personal slogan "Bet On Yourself".