May 16, 2018

UberAir: Closer Than You Think

uberair plane


  In less than a decade, the ride-sharing company Uber has become a major mode of transportation for millions of people.  The convenience of ordering a vehicle right to your door with the press of a button on your smartphone is a luxury that many have taken advantage of.  Since its inception, Uber has rolled out a variety of new features (one being uber pool).  Now, they have teased a new type of transportation that could really change the game, UberAir.  UberAir uses the same idea as regular Uber, but uses flying vehicles.  The drones are big enough to fit a few people, but small enough to take-off from the top of a building.  The vertically flying vehicles look more like drones than a helicopter or plane and are equipped with screens on the inside so riders can track their trip.  Although this is just a concept for now, "flying taxis" could very well be something we see in the near future. Check out the teaser video below!