June 27, 2018

TRIWA: Watches Made From Recycled Illegal Firearms

 triwa watch humanium


 TRIWA is a unique name for a watch and I'm pretty sure it is not pronounced Trey Way (the set and phrase that Tekashi 69 is constantly yelling out).  In fact TRIWA's mission is quite the opposite of 69's controversial approach.  They are taking illegal guns that are confiscated from conflict torn societies and melting them down.  In turn, they create a metal they call Humanium metal.  From there, they craft their sleek line of TRIWA watches.  It's impossible to turn back the hands of time and fix the damage that has been done by gun violence, but it is possible to help prevent future gun violence and make watches while doing so.  Check out their kickstarter campaign here and watch the video below to learn more (and learn how to pronounce TRIWA).