June 19, 2017

TreeFLX: Revolutionary One-of-A Kind Wood Craft Material



 With the abundance of global toxic and plastic waste, there needs to be more eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions in our ever-advancing world.  There haven't been many multi-use eco-friendly materials that have been introduced on a large-scale however.  TreeFLX is trying to change this.  Their wood craft material is a 100% eco friendly, non-toxic green technology, that is suitable for all types of DIY and art projects! TreeFLX is made out of biodegradable plastic (using corn) and recycled wood.  The amazing part about this material is that it can be heated and molded/cut into any shape you want; and although it can be molded, its extremely durable!  The possibilities with TreeFLX are endless. In fact, You can even heat up TreeFLX and put it on t-shirts! If you are a person that likes art and DIY projects or have kids that enjoy fun projects, you should definitely grab TreeFLX!   Check out the video below and make sure to head over to their Kickstarter campaign page HERE to support and get yours today!