September 25, 2017

Toybox 3D Printer: Draw and Make Toys



  3D printing is a revolutionary idea that has numerous applications.  Many may think 3D printing is age limited, however Toybox is challenging this idea.  Toybox is introducing 3D printing to kids.  The idea is simple, it is a kid-friendly, easy-to-use 3D printer.  Kids can utilize the Toybox app to choose which toy they want, and print it on the spot.  Kids can even upload their own designs and print them through Toybox.  It's safe to say that this device is a great way to introduce kids to the art of 3D printing.  Many kids have imaginations that are extremely vivid, and this is just one way to help them harness that power.  Check out the video below for an inside look into Toybox and check out their Indiegogo page HERE.