September 12, 2016

Top 5 Gospel Samples in Hip-Hop



  Sampling is a huge part of rap music; hip-hop producers borrow from many old and new songs to create a whole new piece of music.  Producers such as J Dilla, Alchemist, Kanye West, and more have trail blazed a path of legendary sampled hip-hop songs.  A new trend that is occurring is gospel samples in hip-hop music.  More and more soulful gospel samples are appearing in hip-hop songs, which is ironic since rap music is a completely polar opposite genre from gospel music.  Either way gospel songs make for great hip-hop samples apparently. Check out some of the top gospel sampled hip-hop songs below!

1. Big Sean- I Don't F*** With You: Despite how vulgar this song is, it borrows from a classic gospel song by D.J. Rogers "Say You Love Me".

2. Kanye West- Father Stretch My Hands: Another semi-vulgar song that takes inspiration from Gospel.  The sample on this one is "Father I Stretch My Hands" by Pastor T.L. Barrett.


3. Drake- Furthest Thing: The second part of this Drake song off of NTWS is produced by Jake One and samples Corinthian Temple Cogic Choir ‎– Hold On, For We're Going Home.


4. Lil Wayne- Grateful: Lil Wayne opens up some more about the Cash Money situration over gospel singer Tramaine Hawkins from The Hawkins Family singing "Be Grateful".





5. Rick Ross- 3 Kings: Jake One is back with a sample from The Crowns of Glory "I'm So Grateful"