August 08, 2019

Today is National CBD Day



 Today is August 8th, and it's also National CBD Day. It may seem kind of weird that CBD already has a day since it is a relatively new product, but National CBD Day is a new thing too, and today is only the 2nd annual CBD Day. Why should CBD have its own day?  CBD is a revolutionary component of the cannabis plant and has many benefits.  We've outlined the benefits of CBD here, as well as discussed the many different ways you can take CBD oil here.  There is no doubt that CBD is a versatile and progressive product that can potentially replace traditional forms of healing.  As CBD is still developing and many companies try out new ways to create CBD products, the years to come should be very exciting. We've featured certain CBD products on our blog such as Suthe, Lady Jane, and Serene Spray CBD.  Which CBD products do you like? and what kind of CBD products would you like to see in the future? Hit us up on social media (@Superegoworld) and let us know!