June 28, 2017

Tickleberry Place- An Eco-Friendly Indoor Play Space


 Lauren and Meghan, two native South LA residents, have known there has been a lack of indoor play spaces in South LA. So, they decided they wanted to create one; not just any play space however.  "Tickleberry Place" is an indoor play experience not only for kids but for adults as well!  In addition, it is entirely eco-friendly!  The play space will be made from eco-friendly materials such as wooden pallets and cork flooring, as well as a playhouse made entirely of non-toxic materials.  Another unique aspect about Tickleberry Place is that it will be a great place for parents to interact, work, enjoy the cafe, as well as the wifi!  Now the kids can have fun and explore their environment independently while the parents aren't idle!  

Overall, the Tickleberry mission is fantastic.  It will be a great family experience, and the fact that it is built from eco-friendly materials is the icing on the cake! We look forward to seeing the grand opening and so should you! Make sure to take full advantage of the exclusive offers Tickleberry place is offering through their Kickstarter page HERE!  Check out the footage below to learn more and help back this project!