February 17, 2017

This Wheel Converts Your Bike to an Electric Bike



 Electric bikes are a very convenient mode of transportation.  Not only are they fairly affordable, but they don't emit any pollution.  What if you want an electric bike but don't want to get rid of your regular bike.  Have no fear, the GeoOrbital bike wheel is here.  This unique bike wheel allows you to swap your front tire out and convert your bike to electric; the whole process takes only 60 seconds! Everything needed to power the bike is in the tire itself including a motor, the battery, aluminum uni-body, motor controller, and of course the tire. The GeoOrbital wheel is compatible with just about any bike (26, 28, or 29 inch).  Another cool feature is that the battery recharges automatically when its not being used, for example if you are coasting down a hill.  Check out the GeoOrbital wheel below and check out their website here.