May 01, 2018

This Travel Bag is Made from Repurposed Industrial Netting



 Here at Superego we are very supportive of companies that practice sustainable and ethical production methods.  One of these companies are Net Effects Traders.  The brand makes cases, bags, and small accessories out of repurposed industrial netting.  Their latest addition to their line of products is the Bodi Bag.  The Bodi Bag is a nice sized bag that is good for travel, gym, yoga, work, and more.  With some handy and well-placed compartments, the Bodi Bag makes accessing the essentials you need a breeze.  More importantly, as mentioned before, the bag is ethically and sustainably made.  It is repurposed, vegan, and free from any hazardous dyes and lead.  On top of that, it is sewn by physically disabled artisans in Cambodia (paid fairly for their work).  Check out Net Effect Traders, and pre-order their Bodi Bag on Kickstarter.