October 09, 2019

This Texas Man is Single-Handedly Fighting the Water Crisis

 moses west atmospheric water generators


  There is a water crisis quietly growing.  In places like Flint, Michigan it is most prevalent, and there are many other places around the world without access to clean water.  Moses West, a former Ranger, set out to do something about it.  He says "All the water we need exists right here in the air".  For four years, he's been working on creating atmospheric water generators; the machines literally take in air and turn it into drinking water!  So far 12 of these atmospheric water generators (or AWG's) exist, and Moses West has given them to communities in Flint, The Bahamas, and Puerto Rico.  He doesn't even charge the residents in the area.  West says that his AWG's are federally approved and the water quality is tested by the Colorado Water Authority. The great part about the machines is that just one unit provides a community with hundreds of gallons of clean water. It goes without saying that Moses West is a hero and a trailblazer.  He is definitlely Cut From A Different Cloth! We hope to see more of these AWG machines pop up and hope that others can follow Moses West's footsteps in being a leader and humanitarian! Check out the News story that was ran on Moses below.