January 08, 2018

This Store is Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles, Rubber Tires, and Cans


  When recycling meets design, some pretty cool things can happen.  Over the past few decades we've seen some great innovations and projects that have involved recycling.  People repurpose and recycle for art, clothing, and even sneakers.  Architecture is another big innovation in the recycling realm.  Recently, a sustainable luxury brand called "BottleTop" designed an entire boutique store from recycled materials.  The main body of the store is made from around 60,000 recycled bottles that were collected, repurposed, and 3D printed to create the structure.  The floor is made from recycled rubber from tires. Look up and you'll see thousands of metal cans suspended to create a canopy.  Check out some images from this innovative and very chic looking store.