November 22, 2016

This Sponge-suit Helps Clean the Water While you Swim!

 Imagine being able to transform a fun activity like swimming into an eco-friendly activity.  Well, soon you will be able to with the spongesuit! Reshape has developed a bikini that is made out of a super absorbent sponge material that helps clean water while you swim. Sponge is a super-hydrophobic carbon based material that is light yet very effective in cleaning water. The structure of the suit is made of this Sponge material encased in a 3d printed shell. Since that the shape of the suit is 3d printed it can be made into any shape, so that swimmers of any size can wear the Sponge-suit.  This impressive swimming suit shows us that keeping eco-friendliness in mind during the design process can help us have a better future.  Check it out below!