December 23, 2019

This Robot is Designed to Rescue People in Disaster Zones

 robot rescue disaster


 We've posted a lot about robots and how the technology has been advancing over the years. We've seen some pretty impressive robot technology come from Boston Dynamics; for example, robots that can pick up packages and open doors.  Well, there's a new robot that has been developed that takes full range motion and applies it into saving lives. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the robotic sector of Kawasaki Motors, has introduced a life-saving robot that can rescue people that are trapped in disaster zones. 

Obviously the benefit of having this type of robot goes without saying.  In times of disaster, there are some places that are not humanly possible or safe enough for a human to go on rescue missions.  Having robots that are capable of rescuing eliminates the possibility of more human casualties.  The developers claim this robot is more advanced than current rescue robots and can handle unpredictable environments. The robot was recently shown off at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo Japan and showcased its ability to do heavy lifting and evacuate people inside disaster areas.  Check out the video below to see the robot in action.  We're excited and also a little scared to see how advanced robots are actually becoming.