September 25, 2019

This Parkour Robot Performs a Gymnastic Routine

 boston dynamics atlas


 BostonDynamics continues to show their innovativeness through their youtube channel. They consistently post videos of their robots doing various activities.  We've seen robots open doors, move boxes, and get up after being knocked down.  One of their latest videos is probably their most impressive though.  In the video, their robot "Atlas" uses its entire body and range of motion to perform a gymnastic routine. Boston Dynamics says, "We created the maneuvers using new techniques that streamline the development process. First, an optimization algorithm transforms high-level descriptions of each maneuver into dynamically-feasible reference motions. Then Atlas tracks the motions using a model predictive controller that smoothly blends from one maneuver to the next. Using this approach, we developed the routine significantly faster than previous Atlas routines, with a performance success rate of about 80%." Though you may not know what all of that means, it leads to some very impressive moves by Atlas. Watch below as Atlast performs the short gymnastic routine.